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  • Rawrr Inc. offers a *30-day warranty on workmanship defects and operational issues for the unit.
  • Rawrr Inc. offers a *30-day warranty on all parts and OEM accessories.
  • Rawrr Inc. offers a *365-day warranty for the power system (motor, controller, display, and battery)

*From the date of the unit or product delivery


Warranty Exclusions

Rawrr Inc. excludes normal wear components (such as brake components, seals, bearings, chains, and suspension components, tires, rims, grips, handlebars, as well as exclusions for misuse of product, or failure caused by damages due to accident, collisions, or general neglect. Misuse may include altering any factory wiring or installing any non-genuine Rawrr parts, as well as any racing or competition use.  Any misuse in charging, discharging, or improperly storing the unit will also void this limited warranty.  Limited warranties are non-transferable, and you must have an original receipt (proof of purchase) from Rawrr Inc or a Rawrr Inc. authorized dealer.

(Note: If there is a case beyond these timeframes, warranty may not apply. These will be handled on a case by case basis. It is not an automatic no; just means it is not an automatic yes either.)​​

Shipping Policy

Rawrr Vehicles are pre-assembled and shipped as semi-complete units. Because of this, all units ship via LTL Truck. Some shipments will require a delivery appointment. Please double-check that you have included the correct contact e-mail address and telephone number so our Freight carrier can arrange your delivery. Zeal Racing happily provides liftgate services and other special delivery services at your own expense, please let us know when you make the purchase.

  • With LTL Freight, there are times when not all locations are deliverable.  If this occurs, we will contact you and ask for an alternative address to where the unit can be delivered to.  
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  • Once your order has shipped, we will provide you with a tracking number to track your package. A shipment notification, including the tracking information will be sent to your email address when your order is processed and leaves our facility. Your shipment will require a signature at the time of delivery.

Shipping Damages Claim

All shipping damage must be noted with the delivery carrier at the time of delivery.

  • All Claims must be placed directly through the carrier that delivered your unit.
  • Rawrr Inc. and Zeal Racing are not responsible for shipping damages incurred while the unit was in transit.
  • Rawrr Inc. Zeal Racing are not responsible for filing any claims for damage on a delivered unit.


Return Policy

Customer's can only request an order cancellation if we are unable to fulfill your order. You may also cancel your order if your item has not been shipped. Please note that your item has been shipped if there is a tracking number, even if the tracking number has not been updated by the carrier yet. Once the item is shipped your order cannot be cancelled. If the customer refuses the package upon delivery, the customer will be charged for a 10% restocking fee.

  • Rawrr Inc. and Zeal Racing recommend that consumers conduct all their research thoroughly before completing their purchase of a Rawrr Unit.
  • Shipping costs are non-refundable for change of mind returns.


Parts and Accessories Return Policy

We understand that sometimes a part or accessory may not be what you expected, or not actually be what is needed. Should this occur, the following policies apply. 

  • Once you have received a shipping notification, your order cannot be canceled, and you must request a return.
  • You may request a return within 30-days of the original order date. The item must be in the original packaging, unused, uninstalled, unaltered, undamaged, and in new, resellable condition. This is the only way a product return will be accepted and processed.
  • Once you have contacted our customer service or return warranty department, if returnable, they will issue you a return authorization number so that we can track your return and associate it with your account.
  • When shipping your product or parts back to Rawrr Inc, you must include a copy of this return authorization (R/A) number in the shipping box or bag.
  • Once the product has been returned to us, inspected by our team, and is accepted as complete (including the original product box, with the unit in its original packing materials), then we will refund your purchase price, less original shipping and handling fees. We do not refund any shipping. 
  • Shipping costs are non-refundable for any canceled or returned orders, except for miss shipped items and faulty products.

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The all new 2023 RAWRR MANTIS 72v


    • 72v Battery.

    • Reverse feature to back out of any situation.
    • Comes pre-wired for the option to add turn signals with the switch pre-installed on the bars.
    • Fully functional headlight with on/off, high/low beam, and running lights.
    • Comes with a direct mount bar stem.
    • Wider swingarm.
    • Balanced, Agile, and Rugged Design.
    • EABS Power Recovery System.
    • Fully loaded tool box with extra chain rollers and bar risers.
    • Extra number plate if you wish to remove the headlight.

    The Rawrr Mantis electric all-terrain bike is the ultimate choice for adventurers and thrill-seekers who want to conquer any terrain easily. With its high-performance features and advanced technology, this bike is designed to take places you never thought possible. 

    Mantis carries a powerful 72V swappable Samsung battery, which provides up to 75 miles of range (depending on eco or sport mode) on a single charge. The 75kW max motor power and 45N.M max torque ensure that you can climb hills, navigate rough terrain, and reach top speeds of up to 45MPH. 

    The Rawrr Mantis features a forged aluminum frame, which is both lightweight and durable, and can accommodate a high max payload. The motorcycle-inspired design is sleek and modern, and the hydraulic disc brakes provide reliable stopping power in any condition. 

    Order yours today and experience the thrill of the ride like never before!

     NOTE: For customers purchasing out of state or shipping to a different location with a distance that makes it difficult to bring the bike to our shop for any reasons of repair MUST be prepared to do remote diagnostics via email/ phone and either wrench on the bike at home or find a local shop in your area that can provide services. If you are not comfortable working on the Rawrr at home we recommend contacting your local repair shops to verify their services PRIOR to purchasing a bike. These bikes are large and heavy and are not easily shippable back and forth. If for any reason a part has failed or falls under a warranty the failed part will be shipped to you and you will have to install the part or have a local repair shop handle the installation and testing. 


    Be sure to click the "in store pick up" option at check out to save on shipping and pick up at our store.


    • Length: 1935mm
    • Height: 1200mm
    • Width: 795mm
    • Ground Clearance: 310mm
    • Wheelbase: 1290mm
    • Seat Height: 850mm
    • Vehicle Weight/W Battery: 130lbs/160lbs
    • Front Fork Stroke: 200mm
    • Rear Shock Absorber Stroke: 75mm
    • Tire Size(Front): 70/100-19
    • Tire Size(Rear): 80/100-19
    • Brake Type: Hydraulic Disc Brake
    • Controller Type: Mantis FOC Controller
    • Max Payload: 265 lbs
    • Front/Rear Disc Brake: 203mm
    • Top Speed: 52MPH
    • Max Torque for driving wheel: 459NM
    • Energy Recovery: EABS Brake


    • Battery Type: Lithium
    • Battery Brand: Samsung
    • Battery Cap: 72V 35Ah
    • Range: 80 Miles (Eco mode
    • Charging Time: 3-6 hours
    • Charger Input Voltage: AC90/264V
    • Over-current Protection Value:
    • 120A


    • Motor Type: PMSM
    • Regular Motor Power: 5000W
    • Max Motor Power: 7500W
    • Regular Torque: 10 N.M
    • Max Torque: 50 N.M
    • Motor Rotation Speed: 5100RPM
    • Motor Efficiency: 94%
    • Max Motor Rotation Speed: 6200RPM
    • IP Rating: IPX67
    • Climbing Ability: 50°+
    • Cooling Method: Air-Cooled
    • Insulation Class: H/180℃


    The perfect weapon for a changing world of off-road riding.

    Imagine the power of a motocross bike and the agility of a mountain bike combined into one swift and silent package. No need to imagine anymore.

    The Rawrr Mantis brings this dream to life.

    Why Rawrr Mantis

    • Built for Power, Crafted for the Bold
    • Balanced, Agile, and Rugged Design
    • Unlimited Upgrades Parts
    • Large LED Control Screen
    • Foam Anti-Slip Seat
    • swappable Samsung Battery
    • EABS Power Recovery System
    • Hydraulic Disc Brakes


    The Mantis uses 6,000 tons of pressure in the production of the all-aluminum alloy, high-strength frame. This process gives the frame and chassis exceptional hardness and rigidity, while maintaining overall lightness.

    In the heart of sunny Los Angeles, California, a group of passionate and innovative visionaries came together to form a company called Rawrr. Inspired by their love for adventure and environmental consciousness, they aimed to revolutionize the world of off-road riding with their game-changing electric dirt bikes.

    Embracing the spirit of "Go Anywhere," Rawrr's mission is to create electric dirt bikes that empower riders to explore any terrain with ease while minimizing their environmental impact. This vision brought together a global team of experts in design, production, research and development, and customer service, each contributing their unique skills and expertise.

    Rawrr's design team, based in Italy, is renowned for its rich history in fashion and creativity. The designers seamlessly blend modern aesthetics with speed and functionality, ensuring that Rawrr's electric dirt bikes are both visually striking and practical for the most daring adventures.

    With the R&D team located in China, Rawrr leverages the country's abundant resources, advanced technology, and exceptional engineering talent. The team's dedication to innovation has led to the development of electric dirt bikes with outstanding performance, durability, and off-road capabilities.

    In addition to creating a top-notch product, Rawrr prioritizes exceptional customer service. The company understands that a positive customer experience is essential for long-term success, and it is committed to ensuring that every rider feels valued and supported. Rawrr's customer service team is always ready to assist with inquiries, address concerns, and provide expert advice to ensure that customers can fully enjoy their electric dirt bikes and the adventures they bring.

    Together, the design, R&D, and customer service teams have created a product and experience that embodies the "Go Anywhere" philosophy. Rawrr's electric dirt bikes boast powerful output, precise control, and unparalleled off-road prowess. At the same time, they champion environmental sustainability with reduced emissions, noise, and energy consumption.

    Rawrr's commitment to excellence in both product quality and customer service has earned the company widespread acclaim from both the market and users. As a trailblazer in the off-road riding industry, Rawrr continues to lead the way towards a greener and more thrilling future for adventurers everywhere.


    The Mantis uses 6,000 tons of pressure in the production of the all-aluminun alloy, high-strength frame. This process gives the frame and chassis exceptional hardness and rigidity, while maintaining overall lightness.


    The Mantis has a powerful heart - 7500W of the latest generation of high-performance Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motors (PMSM), providing incredible power and torque delivery.


    The Mantis FOC intelligent controller offers real-time monitoring of throttle, speed, motor torque and electric current power using a multi-curve compliance algorithm. The controller constantly optimizes your riding experience based on the data from your driving style, creating a riding experience that matches the way you ride!


    Forget about range anxiety taking away from your adventure. Simply swap batteries in seconds for endless riding.