When it comes to wheels, There are a lot of options. We dont have any negative opinions on any other company but what we can say is that when working on a budget the KKE wheels are sure to impress. Direct installation makes these wheels perfect for anyone who may not be aware of other companies custom proprietary hubs having different rotor fitment.


  • 6082-T6 Aluminum CNC Made Anodized Hub
  • 7050-T6 Aluminum Gloss Rim
  • Iron Chemically Blackened Spokes With Alloy Nipples
  • Front & Rear Wheels Set Complete With Bearings, Seals and Spacers


For Project Scorpion we chose to beef up the peg mounts for the anticipated hard riding style this bike will be put through. Available in multiple colors.

6061 T6 series CNC Aluminum

Hard Anodized 

Available for Surron LBX and Talaria.



With the Project Scorpion build we needed some insane braking power! Although we can modify a few components to allow for Motocross brakes we decided to use a plug and play setup. And we got to say, these brakes do not disappoint! Easy to install and with the addition of the Warp 9 220mm floating rotors, The braking power is unmatched from other brakes we tested.

  • More caliper stiffness and a new pad compound with bite.
  • Pivot bearings for crisp lever feel and a fatigue-free ride.
  • SRAM's best power to weight ratio in a four-piston brake.


ZEAL Horn delete cover

The JR_Craftworks Talaria Horn Delete cover was precisely designed to provide more protection to your electrical components when removing your horn for that sleek look, We added a more prominent groove for the rear brake line guide, and made a tighter tolerance to the frame to get rid of that annoying gap the stock cover comes with, while also providing that extra touch of color and durability for your custom build.

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mitas Terra Force mx tires

For Project Scorpion we had to be different from the competition, So we chose the MITAS Terra force MX tires and WOW! these tires are insane. Specifically built for racing the track, these tires HOOK and will not disappoint. We use to think the Dunlop MX34 tires were the best until we came across the MITAS Terra force.

The Mitas TERRA FORCE-MX MH is a high performance mx competition tire designed for maximum traction and control. Front tire knobs deliver straight line stability and rear tire knobs ensure positive contact with the ground. These tires have been developed in cooperation with MXGP riders.

Load/Speed rated to 51M.

Red and green stripes indicate a tire for Motocross competition made from a softer tread compound for medium to hard terrain.

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We had to get rid of the flimsy plastic cover that came stock on the Talaria. So we decided on an aluminum chain guard for durability and style.

High quality 5052 Aluminum for rust and corrosion resistance.

Protect the chain, minimize the impact of sand and stones, and reduce rain-induced erosion.

Provide an extra layer of protection, minimizing the risk of accidents and injuries caused by contact with moving parts.

Elevate the aesthetic of your bike's design.

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ebikezilla rear sprocket

With our now 19/16 wheel set up and increased power, we had to come swinging with a different gear set up. We chose the 48t rear sprocket which increases our low end torque to help get us out of the corner faster and allow us to climb any hill or clear any jump to keep the competition behind us.

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ebmx x-9000 controller

Now when it comes to power upgrades, after a lot of research EBMX was the obvious choice. We currently have the EBMX 72v Race battery and the x-9000 controller is able to put down some insane power. EBMX was smart and built their software to be easy to tune and safe for the average consumer meaning you set up your specs of your build in the app and it automatically sets maximum perimeters to prevent extensive damage. Next all we need is their 72v battery and the KO motor and we will be unstoppable on the track.

EBMX Xtreme Electric Mods combine strenuous in-house R&D and collaborations with industry experts to bring you the ultimate Electric Motor Controller.
The X-9000 has been purpose built with dirt bike riders in mind.

Using components sourced from reputable suppliers, each item has been engineered for peak performance, from the CNC machined internals and bus bars, injection molded cover to the fully waterproof construction.

Whether you are trying to nail a wheelie, riding hard enduro, competing in a race series, commuting to work, or just cruising the trails with your family the X-9000 is built to give you ultimate freedom and control.

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